P Fletcher said on April 29, 7:23AM

Called at 3.30pm from a side road in Liverpool; despite fuel flushers being based in Cheshire they were with me within 45 mins and I was back on the road for 5pm. Not the best feeling in the world putting the wrong fuel in your car ! Neil’s fantastic customer care and great personality put me in a much better frame of mind. I would recommend 100% !! Great service thanks Neil.


Kim said on May 29, 7:44 PM

I mistakenly put diesel in my petrol car and drove it 20 mile before it conked out. I called my breakdown company who told me that it couldn't be fixed due to it being driven? I came across Neil via a friend on Facebook and thought I'd give him a call, he told me it could be fixed and he could be with me in 20 minutes. Sure enough he turned up and had my car running again in half an hour! Superb service and very polite, no mess and NO hidden charges


Very upset motorist said on May 24, 1:21 PM

I mistakenly put £120 of unleaded into my autoquest motorhome! After calling my breakdown company at 9 in the morning, they told me it would cost £436 to remove the fuel but couldn't get to me till gone 2 o'clock!!! Then to add insult to injury they wanted paying upfront with a £100 cancellation fee imposed if I changed my mind!!! I told them where to stick it and had a look on the Internet, I called Neil who was very helpful and courteous he told me the price and said he could be with me in 20 minutes:-) he didn't want paying till the job was done either. Sure enough he was with me in under 20 minutes and just got on with the job in hand, he had the fuel tank drained quickly with no mess and I was on my way again. I'm only writing this because I wasn't even aware that a service like this existed! Now I tell everyone to keep the number on their phones. People are quick enough to write a bad review but I feel that a superb service like this needs to be mentioned. WELL DONE NEIL FOR A SUPERB SERVICE! YOU ARE A TRUE BUSINESSMAN WHO STANDS BY YOUR PROMISE. I HOPE YOUR BUSINESS GROWS INTO A TRULY SUCCESSFUL COMPANY THAT YOU DESERVE


Mark said on Feb 18, 10:42 PM

Fantastic response time and very professional, friendly service. Fearing the worst as I had not only put unleaded in my diesel car but had also driven it around and about for 25 miles before I had realised my mistake. Paul had my car sorted and running again with in 30 mins. I will be fully recommending their service to friends and family. A very big thank you.


Norman said on Feb 2, 6:36 PM

Excellent service!!!!, extremely friendly and most of all efficient. Daughter had mistakenly put unleaded in her diesel Fiat. Dad to the rescue, found the phone number on the Internet, one call was all it took. Many thanks, Norman.


Kelly w said on Jan 27, 9:56 AM

Called NW FUEL DRAIN last week after having a day from hell! Jack turned up and straight away made me feel at ease, gave the children some chocolate (who by this point where bored senseless) and then he got on with the job. He was quick and tidy and I was back on the road in just over half an hour:-) I can't thank him enough for coming to the rescue


Gordon said on Jan 22, 11:32 PM

My son put petrol in his diesel car and thought the world was going to end. Phoned the company. Arrived an hour later, 9.20pm, after a 40 odd mile journey on a bitterly cold and icy night. Thoroughly cleaned out the tank, fuel lines, filter and injector system. £10 of diesel included in price. About half the price that it cost my daughter in law with another company, two years ago. I am not easily impressed, but cannot speak highly enough of the service provided. Many thanks.


liz said on Dec 10, 3:45 PM

Thank goodness it was him & not me that put petrol in my diesel B M W!! NW Fuel Drain were prompt, non critical, very professional & reasonably priced, in fact all you require after a disaster-waiting to happen to any of us.


coach hire booking (John Slater) said on Dec 10, 2:23 PM

after our driver filled up with the wrong fuel rang you and within a short period of time you had drained the tank and our driver was on his way super job Regards John


Should have known better in Mercedes E-Class said on Dec 10, 10:48 AM

Due to temporary colour blindness I mistakenly put unleaded into my diesel merc!! The lovely lady in the shell garage gave me the phone number for NW FUEL DRAIN. I was back on the road in less than an hour with my pride intact. My wife made my same mistake a few years earlier, in cost me £5,000 to repair the car. Great service.


Kevin McKenna said on Dec 10, 10:04 AM

very friendly ,.helpful , efficient and prompt sevice at a very good price . I do not hesitste to recommend . cheers


Sue said on Dec 8, 5:42 PM

Excellent swift service and I was not left feeling the idiot I obviously had been - a Knight on Shining Armour rescued me!


John said on Dec 7, 10:53 PM

You were great. I had put petrol in my diesel VW Passat £20 to be exact, realised this & did not drive the car, but held up the petrol staton Thank goodness they had your card at the till. You arrived early had me on the road within 20mins. Thanks you.


Stupid boy said on Dec 7, 9:41 PM

I agree totally with the last reviewer. Picture the scene - 20 miles from home - November night - teeming rain. I stop for diesel. As twenty five pounds ticks over on the pump, I turn up my collar to the cold and glance down to make sure the nozzle is still properly in the neck of the tank. I sharply release the nozzle as I realise that the pipe from the pump is green and I have just put twenty five pounds-worth of unleaded petrol in my diesel car.. Pure panic sets in! I have the sense not to try and start the engine and push the car back away from the pump. I go to pay for the completely useless petrol and admit my plight to the lady behind the counter. "Don't worry love, " she says with a smile as she hands me a card. "You ring this number and they come out to you and will have you on the road again in no time." Too good to be true? No, absolutely right. A quick phone call is made and Neil promises to be there within half an hour. He is there in 25 minutes. He is a very pleasant bloke with a reassuring air and a great deal of enterprise. In went the tube into the tank, connects to the pump and after 20 minutes of very good natured chat, the job is done. He even helped me to push the car back to the pump and waited until I had started the car. My stupidity cost me £140 ..... £165 if you count the cost of the unwanted petrol, but it was money well spent. Reading the previous review, I'm glad I didn't ring the AA! So, a bunch of flowers for the lady in the garage and heartfelt thanks to Neil and the NW Fuel Drain service. All power to your elbow. May you go from strength to strength. When I say that I hope I never see you again, I mean it in the nicest possible way! However, if I ever do the same stupid thing again, I'm very glad to know that you are there! Thank you.


stupid coach driver said on Dec 7, 6:40 PM

i mistakenly filled my coach with £200 of unleaded and was on my way for a pick up!!! i was given this company details from the garage. the driver turned up quickly and had all the fuel removed with no problems so i still made my collection. excellent service and price. my boss now uses this company for any other fuel drains.


tim, jaguar s type said on Dec 7, 6:35 PM

Ian came to the rescue after another firm told me over the phone that my car couldn't be drained without it being taken away and the fuel tanks taken off...costing £340. i called nw fuel drain who sent Ian out and he just got on with it, no need to remove the tank, he just went under the rear seats? 2 tanks drained and back on the road in 50 minutes. excellent!!!!


Range rover sport said on Dec 7, 12:26 PM

Superb, new exactly what to do...reset the filler neck and drained the car off really quick. Neil even put the right fuel in for me while I waited in the shop.


daft old bird;-) said on Dec 6, 2:06 PM

what more can i say.....i stupidly put the wrong fuel in my husbands car. i called these, who came out quickly and had me back mobile again in 20 minutes.


transit connect said on Dec 6, 2:01 PM

after filling my van with unleaded and driving it 10 miles i thought i was going to have to get a nw engine! but i came accross this company while looking for a recovery company. i thought it must be worth a call....how glad i am that i did call. the technician turned up to the roadside and quickly had the fuel drained out and then drained the engine and fuel lines before flushing it all through with fresh diesel (i still didn't believe that it would work). after spending about 15 miutes ensuring the fuel lines etc where filled with diesel the technician turned the key and it worked! left it running for a few minutes and thats job done. i have now got the number saved in my phone and tell everyone about them


lin. audi a4 said on Dec 6, 1:53 PM

highly recommended, cheap, reliable and polite. they told me they would be with me in in 40 min and arrived within 30....promptly started the job and had me mobile again with half an hr! neil even bought me a coffee cause i was so cold. excellent service and staff


Stranded motorist said on Dec 3, 6:51 PM

I don't normally right reviews or do anything like this, but I just feel that more people need to know about this service. After putting the wrong fuel in after a long hard day I thought I would be stranded for hours!! I spoke to the AA who wanted £320 and couldn't get to me for over 3 hrs:-( I came across this website on my phone and immediately called, Neil answered and was very courteous and polite. He was very understanding and made me feel at ease. He told me the price, which was over half the price of the AA and then he told me he could be with me in 40 minutes! I waited in the shop with a coffee and Neil turned up. First impressions where very good. Neil was smart and the van was well equipped for doing this job, he proceeded to drain the tank and had me back on the road in half an hour!!! Credit where credits due....an absolutely superb service which I have recommended to all of my friends, family and I've even told my boss to put the number in all of our work cars and vans.